$ cat '2021 history.txt'
2022-03-24: I already issued a my passport on 24, Mar.

2022-03-25: I applied for a eta: I just need to pay: $20

2022-03-29: I decided to go straight to the Gold Coast instead of Sydney.

2022-03-29: The plan has changed. I’ll be staying on the gold coast or sunshine coast rather than Sydney. Estimated hotel prices up to $1500 per 2 adults

2022-04-05: I bring a bad news. I need to be vaccinated to go to Australia. But I did not vaccinate yet. If policy not changed , I can’t go to Australia. OMG

2022-04-07: Today I knew a very nice person. Talking to this person is fun. I felt happy after a long time.

2022-04-13: I started temporary working in SECRET Team

2022-04-20: I was issued ETA via Australian ETA App (paid $20)

2020-05-01: If I will sign a re-contract, I will only work, if not, I will only study about web hacking again. Actually I already rested a lot of studying.

2022-05-10: I changed my plans. I decided to go to Napoli because I must meet someone. By the way this is not correct yet but I’ll go to meet her in this year. And We decided to extend a contract (temporary working) for 1 month.

2022-05-15: I have booked a flight ticket to Rome from Asiana Airlines. (07.02 ~ 07.16 / $1700). I will go by train from Rome to Naples. The train costs $30 and takes only an hour. Here is the problem The train arrives at PM 7:30. However, in most hotels in Naples, check-in is until 8 o’clock. So, on the day of arrival, I plan to stay in a hotel near the airport and move to a hotel in the city center early the next day. Oh, and today, when I checked the results of the IDOR vulnerability in DreamHack reported through patchday.io on April 8, I got $500.

2022-05-27: I am glad becuase she said, “because I became attached to you, you became a very close person to me.”. everything is good.

2022-05-30: Changed the plan a bit. On the day of my arrival in Italy, I decided to stay one day in Rome.

2022-06-04: Today, I wrote a report diligently after a long time. And today is a very happy day. What more needs to be said?

2022-06-05: I did a little work today. And, for fun, I analyzed the Electron App, and luckily found the XSS to RCE vulnerability. And I am very happy today too. In fact, I am often happy these days. And I want to start a new study. But I don’t know what I want anymore. I want to try something other than Cyber Security. Oh, and after the 28th, I’m in Italy, not Korea. And I have a trouble with a little of stress because I didn’t get result for my working these day. :D

2022-06-07: I earned 915 USD as a bounty for one vulnerability. This was reported 2 months ago.

2022-06-19: I am having a very happy day these days. And I'm taking a break from work I've been working on for two months. I think I will start again after going to Italy and returning to Korea after a little rest *Maybe*. There are 14 days left to go to Italy. And when I return to Korea, I plan to study hard again (Only Web Hacking).

2022-06-27: I earned 3,660 USD in 3 hours. And in these days, I'm really happy with her and I'm glad that I can be with her.

2022-06-28: It was a very happy day that cannot be expressed in words.

2022-06-29: I extended my return day by 3 days (about $600)